For Gnaecologlcal Problems Lecorrhea, Metrorrhea, Menstruation disorder, Dysmenorrhea, General Malaise, Weakness, Pale Face, Buming Sensation in hands and feet, Cardiac Weakness, Constipation, Joint Pains. Distorted Vata causes dysmenorrhea. Big belly due to deposition of fat. The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful in these problems. This medicine removes these problems and generates fresh blood, regulates the menstruation. During Pregnancy it is very useful and delivery occurs normal, at proper time, no pale face, anaemia after delivery. If not treated these ladies problems develop into Psychiatric problems like Hysteria, Hypertension, Hyperacidity, Piles etc. This formula removes all gnaecological problems and makes the body healthy. MEDICINE QUANTITY IS CONFIDENTIAL

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