For Allergic Disorders and Asthma Denatured mucus released from frontal sinuses and poured into NASO-pharynx and pro-pharynx. When it pours into nasal pharynx, it is called cold or Hhinitis. When it pours into oral- pharynx, then it is called Corzyea. These are due to Dust & unfavourable smell, called Allergy. Symptoms like sneezing, septet defect, nasal polyps, Headache, Migrane, Phargeal irritation etc. Asthma occurs due to inflammation and obstruction of Bronchi and Trachea, which narrows the Bronchial tree and results in Dysphonea, Productive and dry cough, Lungs congestion, Deep breathing, congestive chest, weakness, Restlessness etc.The medicinal contents of this formula are useful in treating the above diseases and eradicates these problems for ever THE METHOD AND QUANTITY OF TAKING MEDICATION IS CONFIDENTIAL

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