Healthy male and healthy female are able to bear a normal healthy baby. A baby develops from mobile, active and normal sperm. Due to some reasons, abnormal sperms are generated, sperm count reduces, watery seminal discharge occurs. Cellular pinion decreased, non-mobile, non-active sperm, unable to bear a baby. The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful which activates the testicles and increases production of semen, improves its density, mobility and activity. Male is able to bear a baby even after 20 years of marriage. Female must be healthy for bearing a baby. Some reasons which obstruct pregnancy are :- Endometrosls, Cervitis, Retrogradeuterus, Menstruational problems, more acidic nature of uterus, and many other causes. The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful for removing menstniation disorder and other problems of uterus, and to generate fresh blood making female to bear normal babies. The method and quantity of taking medication is confidential

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